Skyrocket your property business & invest in a team of trusted experts

mySTAYINN is recruiting ambitious franchisees ready to kickstart their future

Maximise profits

Grow a property business that’s as profitable as possible with our lucrative franchise package.

Use our technology

By becoming a mySTAYINN franchisee you’ll have access to our property management and marketing software.

Trusted partners

We’re a team of property experts with extensive experience in maximising returns for our clients.

Estimated turnover from
managing just 25 listings
£ 0 k
Estimated profit from
managing 100 listings
£ 0 k

What we are offering you

We’re looking for potential franchisees passionate about customer care and committed to providing excellent service, who want to join us in growing their short-term let business and revolutionise the industry.

mySTAYINN is on a mission to revolutionise the holiday let industry and is inviting like-minded individuals to join the cause through its franchise model.

Having us onboard as your franchisor is like having a business partner offering excellent advice to streamline processes, maximise profits and avoid making costly mistakes.

Our property management software markets properties on all the major platforms while simplifying and automating common tasks ensuring an unrivalled guest experience.

Plus we’ll also help price all of your properties – one of our greatest strengths and one of the hardest things to get right.

We're a property management company ready to revolutionise the hospitality industry

mySTAYINN was founded by Pav Masutes and Samuel Herbert, both highly experienced in managing and growing property businesses. Learn more about their story, why they are recruiting people like you and their expertise in our video.

Minimum ROI you can
expect across your portfolio
0 %
ROI some of our clients
are already experiencing
0 %
Minimum increase in turnover
we experience when our software
is put to use on a listing
0 %
Average increase in turnover most properties can expect
0 %
mySTAYINN listings we acquired
in just six months

We have a proven model that we want to share with people ready to invest in a brighter future

We are looking for ambitious partners who have a strong desire to start a career in property or the short-term let sector. You may already own properties – if so that’s a fantastic start.

By investing in mySTAYINN you’ll received unparalelled training, support and a roadmap for growing your business using our expertise and software innovations. 

As well as providing you with acess to our pricing service and management & marketing software, we also create a bespoke 18-month plan, whether you have one property or a multi million pound portofilio – or if you’re starting from scratch in the short term let sector.

Key benefits of becoming a franchisee

When you become a franchisee, you gain a business partner with a track record of success in property and the holiday let sector

What you could achieve

A new franchisee who rises to 25 listings would be able to earn an estimated £500,000 turnover and likely a minimum £84,000 profit with the option to increase to over £100,000 by adding other services such as cleaning & laundry.

Because of our tried and tested busines model and processes, this should be a simple task. Having us on board is similar to having a second partner making growth even easier. If someone is driven and follows all steps, there is no reason why they can’t quickly grow to 100 listings and have a net profit of £400,000 minimum.

Transformative features of our software

How mySTAYINN grows property businesses while automating time-consuming tasks

Proud to partner with:

Training and Support

Each of our franchisees has a bespoke 18-month training and growth plan created for them

Thorough Training

Our comprehensive training program gives you confidence to grow. Gain a solid understanding of our operational procedures, systems, and industry standards. Our training ensures you're fully prepared to manage all facets of your franchise, from guest relations to property procurement.

Sustained Support

Experience the reassurance of having a seasoned team by your side. Whether it's managing reservations or overseeing maintenance duties, our team stands ready to aid you. With mySTAYINN, you'll never navigate the journey to franchise success alone.

Continuous Growth

Remain at the forefront of a dynamic industry with our dedication to ongoing learning. Engage in our regular webinars, seminars, and workshops to stay abreast of industry developments, acquire new competencies, and broaden your expertise with mySTAYINN.

Get started by contacting us

Complete our contact form and we’ll send you more information – our franchise partners Lime Licensing Group will contact you with more information. 

Alternatively you can book a discovery call with our founder Pav Masutes.

Frequently asked questions

We extend a warm invitation to individuals who possess a passion for hospitality, relish interacting with others, and are driven to deliver outstanding service. Previous experience in property management is not necessary as we offer thorough training to ensure your success.

We provide comprehensive assistance throughout your franchising venture, encompassing initial training, continuous learning opportunities, marketing support, and a devoted team available to aid with daily operations. Rest assured, you’ll never walk alone on your path to success.

A new franchisee who rises to 25 listings would be able to earn an estimated £500,000 turnover and likely a minimum £84,000 profit with the option to increase to over £100,000 by adding other services such as cleaning & laundry. 

The amount you can earn may fluctuate based on factors such as your level of engagement, the dynamics of your local market, and your business management approach. Our framework is structured to offer various revenue streams, offering substantial earning opportunities. If you’d like to delve into this further, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

The timeline can vary depending on various factors, including the speed at which you complete the training and the local market conditions. However, we aim to get new franchisees up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible

We manage the pricing of your properties using a combination of expert analysis, market research, manual daily pricing, and automated algorithms to ensure competitive rates and maximise revenue.

Our Channel Manager allows you to advertise your properties across multiple channels, reaching a wider audience and maximising your property’s visibility.

Our automation tools streamline processes, ensure consistency, and save you valuable time in managing your property portfolio effectively.

We provide tools for easier communication with guests, offer additional services to enhance their stay, and promote guest satisfaction, ultimately improving ratings and guest retention.

We utilise API connections, intuitive calendar views, and a built-in system to detect and prevent double bookings, ensuring a smooth experience for both guests and property owners.

Yes, our software is designed to be accessed and managed through a single central system that is intuitive and easy to navigate, minimising learning curves for users.

Absolutely! Our platform offers robust reporting tools to quickly and accurately assess property turnover, automate invoicing to owners, and generate various reports on demand.

Our software streamlines housekeeping and maintenance tasks, adds accountability to staff, and includes an in-built app for before and after pictures, improving efficiency and success rates of damage claims.

Our platform offers an easy deposit collection process, ensuring property owners are fully protected while guests can conveniently pay, with protection for deposits up to nearly £5,000.

Our pricing is based on 6% of your property revenue, offering a transparent and fair model for our services.

Our founder, Pav, brings extensive experience in banking and financial transactions to mySTAYINN, ensuring our commitment to helping businesses in the hospitality industry achieve growth and compliance goals. ur co-founder, Samuel has a comprehensive holiday let and tech background. He has worked and managed every department within the sector and has brought this knowledge and enthusiasm to our company.